The pain in the back gives the pace: causes, treatment, what to do

This problem also goes by the name of sciatica. Many people are very slightly relate to the problem, considering that "perhaps the most and is not", in fact, this symptom is of great concern and immediate a visit to your doctor if you, of course, is costly to your health.

back pain

If you after exercise, or hypothermia feels low back pain, the one who "gives" in the leg, and not worth the wait, when the pain will pass by itself, it can't happen. And if the pain, and it will be something virtually guaranteed to it will appear in the form of recurrence in all occasions. So that you do not tighten the solution to the problem.

Typically, the pain appears unexpectedly, it can appear with one side of the waist, or with both (but it is rare). Very soon, the pain became leg, it becomes difficult to straighten, and the movement of cargo cause serious feeling of comfort. Embark on an aching rhythm becomes practically impossible, the man begins to cherish it, trying to protect yourself from the pain. It seems that is not very nice – the foot is usually slightly folded state, has been removed to the side or to the front, the body a little inclined.

This state can last virtually forever. The periods of facilitate will be changed relapse, but get rid of the pain completely independent, using only the "folk" tools and recommendations from the internet is virtually impossible. The simplest means to get rid of the pain for some period of time is the "posture of embryo", but is useless advice if the pain followed him in a public place. At home, you can simply go to one side, to tighten the bracelet to the hands and pressing to itself the affected leg. It is very advisable to take painkillers.

But it is only a temporary measure, able to quickly relieve the pain. If you have the tenderloin right or to the left – is an occasion to contact your doctor immediately.

What is sciatica pain?

Under such a concept implies pain that is caused lumbar spine, in which pain "gives" in one or both legs. The cause is almost always are the increase in physical stress or hypothermia. The nature and location of the pain are not very clear – the pain can be so strong and weak, cumbersome, it may further be expressed as in the lumbar region and leg.

Manifests in the lower back, the pain may vary in shape, each of these ways has their clinical manifestations:

  • injuries to muscle-tonic. In this case, characterized by the appearance of spasms of the lumbar muscles, the sharp limitation of mobility in the lumbar spine, the curvature of the vertebral column (kyphosis, scoliosis, and t. d.);
  • VEGAtandtUNO-vascular. In this case, in parallel with the entire year, the pain appears numbness, foot (in most cases – of the foot. She can become colder to the touch than the healthy one, it will seem all the more pale. This form and the typical feeling of sabkotand or heat. Cold may be due to the increase of the low blood vessels. When you change the horizontal position to the vertical occurs the pain;

In this situation, also can match-if, immediately, all three forms of sciatica pain. However, it can last for years, the deterioration will be changed remissions, but the disease does not pass from itself. Have sciatica pain and a kind of "sister" - sciatica pain, which can also manifest itself in such situations. It usually manifests itself with pain in the region of the buttocks or hip, which can give the foot and calf.

The reason for the pain – radicular syndromes

When all their diversity of shapes and location of the pain, the reason is almost always a pain to sciatica, which appears as a result of degenerative disc disease. Many times, as well, pain in the lumbar spine precedes the crisis of lumbago, lumbodynia and sciatica.

As already stated above, the main cause of pain in the lumbar-Crestzoom department of spina bifida is a mechanical pressure on the nerve endings, which appears as a result of the fall of the intervertebral disk (hernia of the vertebral column). The result interrupted the circulation of blood in the affected department, develops inflammation, swelling.

In case of irritation to the root, had its origins in the venerable as a result of displacement intervertebral disk, can occur pain of a different nature – boring, annoying, cutting, ripping, shooting. Directly the onset of pain is usually preceded by an odd movement, injury to the lumbar spine, the lift of gravity of a push, a steep slope or twist of the torso (especially with a load), the long-time work in the uncomfortable folded position, and t. d.

Usually the pain occurs suddenly, first one side of the waist (rarely both sides), in some cases, the pain may appear in the hip or buttock. Through a short period of time (usually 5 to 7 days), pain in the lower part of the back extends over the leg, when she seriously harmed straighten the affected member. The person begins to instinctively "enhance" the sick member, protecting the load. For example, when walking the person stops stepping all over the whole foot, the result is that you limping when walking, scared walk almost always remains in the pOladobrado state and shall be removed to the side or to the front, away from the base load.

The easiest way to get rid in time of pain, as we have already said, is the "posture of embryo" - lying on a healthy side, to draw the belly to the affected leg. If the pain is distributed on both feet, the patient has to lie on your back, grab the edge of you both legs bent. Turn from the belly to the man is not able to pain in case of a fire dramatically.

It is quite characteristic, is a dramatic increase of pain when any movement, be it walking, twisting of the trunk or just an attempt to get out of bed. Even the conversation, coughing or sneezing can contribute to the increase of the pain. In some cases, the pain becomes so strong, that prevent the person from sleeping. The result is that a person appears overloaded, you can develop the depression. This is why many times people who have problems with the spine, prescribe the reception of the psychologist.

Often a painful syndrome caused by compression of a nerve root of the spinal cord, with disorders of sensitivity: decrease or increase in the point of sensitivity, sick of a leg can cause burning, numbness, difficulty of contraction, a wave of cold, sensation of crawling "chills" and t. d.

It is also very unpleasant – low back pain-Crestzoom department of the vertebral column, ontdandющandя in the leg, it is almost always back in the form of a relapse. If, of course, was not performed complete treatment, but in this case the person should know some rules and follow certain rules. The main reason of relapse as the act of flu illness (ARI), hypothermia, heavy physical activities and t. p.

The tool first aid in such a situation, almost always is an efficient anesthetic drug. But this is only a temporary means, corrective pain, without the care of a physician in such a situation, can not do. It is almost certain doctor to prescribe a serious treatment, which includes the reception of special funds, the limitation of activity, massage, kinesiotherapy, and t. d.