The back pain in the morning, after sleep, and the day

For sleep time, people recover fully the physical and psychological power. Complete rest causes the morning of their species, and a new day full of new experiences and emotions. Back pain in the morning, not only demolish the plans, but are a symptom of various serious diseases. The fact that the pain appears in the mornings – a reason to look for a doctor. Even if part of the morning back pains happen during the day, you can't ignore this problem.

back pain

The causes of headaches in morning

The man, the vertebral column is under constant tension. Every day it is subjected to a physical stress of different degrees of intensity. If the damage is in any part (bones, joints, muscles), you will get discomfort and pain in the morning. There are many reasons why back pain after a good night's sleep. Some of them are easy to resolve without medical intervention, for the rest you have to go through a diagnosis and consult with your doctor.

Conditions sleep

Sleep gives the opportunity to relax all the systems and organs of human. Uncomfortable bed, the mattress are the main cause of starting point of the pain of the symptom, in the morning. The bed should maintain the physiological state of the back. Too soft or too hard mattress causes the position of the body during sleep, therefore, some muscles don't rest, hence the low back pain right from the morning.

If you have well-organized bed, orthopedic mattress stiffness normal, the cause of pain in the back after a good night's sleep becomes inconvenient posture. Useful of sleep the back raised and slightly flexed legs. The position of the body, which does not oppressus no muscle, organs are at peace, there is no excess tension, contributes to the recovery forces. In the absence of other causes of pain in the back after a good night's sleep does not appear.The overvoltage

After the job with heavy physical load, especially if it is unusual for the body, you experience headache in the morning, as a result of muscle fatigue. The surge is accompanied by myositis. This is the most common reason. It does not require medical intervention, occurs daily, then you run for yourself. To improve the state of health recommend the topical application of ointments, creams, innovative doing the pain. For a state not to occur, must accompany the load distribution during the execution of the exercise. Why in a dream a lot with the back pain, if it was not excessive. Often patients, leading to a passive lifestyle, have a job muscles are sore from what is permanent are in the same position. Why the pain in the back, in the morning and evening? The muscles do not have time to rest and recover.

Disorders in the spinal column

If, still, the conditions of sleep does not affect the wake up and back pain in the morning, is present, the cause may be in violation of the vertebral column. Where to start looking for the cause? For the full diagnosis must visit traumatologist and a neurologist. Already after collecting the anamnesis, the doctor will provide a presumptive diagnosis and send it for analysis. The more likely is the osteocondrose.

In the morning after a good night's sleep appears rigidity of the spinal muscles, the pain in the spinal column. It is difficult to change from a horizontal position, so that a patient bothers you feel unpleasant. Osteocondrose causes the spine immovable, inflexible. Each day we need more time to get in tune with the area of touch. The lumbar spine more frequently than became the object of a disease, but there may be other options. When the defeat of disease of the cervical spine strongly the pain in the back between the shoulder blades. A characteristic feature of degenerative disc disease is a pain when it tilts in any direction, fast fatigue, a desire to take the horizontal position. The acute pain occurs even when a small cough, disease of rotation can, at any time.


Violation of the joints

Not only your spinal column become for the reason that it hurts is the loin after sleep. With the age of the cartilage change, disappears lubricant, they rub and disintegrate. Degenerative changes can bring great discomfort, the disease is called osteoarthritis. They are surprised with all the joints of the body, including the discs of the spinal column. Complete recovery of tissue, cartilage impossible. However, when appropriate to search for a doctor decreases the destruction, the pain killers, which improves the quality of life of the patient. When appropriate to take strong medications, sharp pain in the back in the morning, they do not bother.Transferred trauma

Some time later migrated spinal injury back pain in the morning. It is not the natural state, as well as the trauma is a strong stress, even when there is severe damage of the pain for a long time does not pass. The doctors don't always realize the consequences of the injury. The slightest suspicion that you should seek medical help. Before the inspection the patient's doctor is recommended soft style of life, it is not possible to lift weights, make sudden movements, to sleep in the most comfortable position. It is prohibited to take the medicine without a destination, do physical therapy sessions because.

Disease of the internal organs

The pain occurs not only when problems with the spine and toning the muscle skeleton. She signals about violations in the work of the internal organs. Often the pain is activated during the process of falling asleep. Irradiation the pain prevents the establishment of an accurate diagnosis. The patient does not know why it hurts on the back of truth.

Inflammatory processes in the kidneys give headache in the morning, as well as the disease of the liver and biliary paths. If after sleeping with a pain in the back of the blades, this is a reason to suspect the inflammatory processes in the lungs (bronchi), especially if you have a cough. Another option for the development of events – disturbances in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. By that morning, a pain of the loins of women? This is one of the symptoms of a breach on the part of the reproductive system. The next morning, they can disrupt the neurological pain nature. For the correct diagnosis, it is important to consult a doctor who will prescribe a complex of analyses.

Pain during pregnancy

In the period of pregnancy in women and often the pain in the back immediately after sleep. Your body changes, it is rebuilt. We should not be afraid, everything new if to recover after the birth. Growth in the womb, the baby moves the centre of mass of a future mother, changes gait, you will receive rapid fatigue, it is difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep. More often than in pregnancy back pain in the lumbar region.


Diagnostic methods

If it hurts loin the morning, do not leave to consult your doctor in the first place your doctor. After gathering the history, and assigning the primary techniques of research (analysis of urine and general blood), the specialist will indicate the direction to the diagnosis. If the indicators of analysis of peace, that is, there is no acute inflammatory process, it is made the biochemistry of the blood. For the detection of cardiovascular disease are ECG. Data from the survey help to cut the disease of the internal organs. In the absence of the therapeutic of disease, the patient is directed to the traumatologist and a neurologist.

The next stage of the search to the spine, x-ray will reveal the general condition, the presence of intervertebral hernias of the processes of deformation of the tissue of cartilage. Unfortunately, not always this method is revealing. He investigates the osteo-articular unit. Not all the changes are confirmed in the x-ray.

There is an alternative. Magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography show that the patient has a morning with a back pain. This method is more efficient. The bones and joints are considered all the angles, respectively, the greater the likelihood of detecting the cause of the problem. When the problems with the muscle toning corset applies electromyography.

Methods of treatment

Depending on the detected disease, the doctor prescribes the treatment. In severe cases, the patient is sent to the hospital. The majority of diseases, in which the back pain in the lumbar region, requires mode home. If the back pain was just a symptom of the therapeutic of the disease, it is carried out a specific treatment for the back are assigned analgesics. In cases of degenerative disc disease is necessary to conduct reflexology, massage. To the effectiveness of the treatment when the lesions of the vertebral column assigned full of peace, many times, the patient may be left only in the horizontal position. Then, you need a corset, or a belt.

As is well known, the best treatment is prevention. If a person experiences lower back pain after sleep, he must prevent the outbreak, you do not lift weights, not SuperCool. An active lifestyle, gymnastics, swimming positive effect on the state of the back.