The pain in the back, on the left: causes, diagnosis and treatment

What to do if the back pain in the lower left? Clearly this question can not be answered, if not to discover the nature of this pain and its causes. By nature, the pain can be sharp, the fights, or vice-versa, continuous, monotonous, annoying. By itself, the pain is already negative symptom, it sends physical and moral suffering of the patient, decreases the quality of your life.

the pain in the back of the left


But, in some cases, this pain speaks far advanced pathological process, which you don't get good a tablet dipirona or Grandma's herbs. Is required the therapy, and in some situations, you may need a surgical intervention. More often than pain in the back, to the left accompanies such diseases and pathological processes, such as:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system with the defeat of the vertebral column (osteocondrose with offset intervertebral disc, the curvature of the spine, specific lesions of the spinal column, tumor, tuberculosis).
  • Kidney disease with the stones formation renal pelvis
  • Heart disease – angina pectoris, myocardial infarction
  • Affections of the lungs and pleura – pleuropneumonia
  • Myositis
  • Diseases of the abdominal organs
  • Pregnancy

The defeat of the musculoskeletal system

Pain in the back, on the left you can disturb in diseases of the vertebral column, and this category of diseases is the most frequent cause. The issue is that some of the causes (excess weight, immunity) can lead to metabolism disorders, dystrophy and desquamation of the intervertebral disk. This disc during the physical exertion (sudden movements, weight-lifting) is shifted in one direction or another, in this case to the left. Occurs a violation of reactance and the inflammation are on the left hind sensitive root of the spinal nerve nerves, appears to feature driving on the left lumbar pain.

Exactly the same is violated, and the nerves inflamed when the curvature of the side (scoliosis) of the lumbar spine. The cause may be the same osteocondrose, permanently maintained poor posture. Against the cancer process with the location lumbar left germinate the tumor and are destroyed all of you who are muscles, the bones, the cartilages, the nerves. For this, the state has a strong pain, which can only be removed narcotic analgesics.

Quite tangible pain-bothering the patient during the left lumbar myositis. As the right and left lumbar regions are located to large arrays of muscle mass. Under the action of adverse factors (hypothermia, physical stress, these muscles develops the inflammatory process. This process gives a great pain, intensifying when breathing, coughing, change of body position.

Disease of the internal organs

the treatment of pain in the back

The key to the lumbar region is projected to the left kidney. Therefore, the disease from the body, and generally give the pain in the lower back, to the left. The pain can be acute and sudden, as if renal colic, or vice-versa, without cutting and uncomfortable when chronic kidney disease. Kidney pain that is caused to be so similar with such, diseases of the vertebral column, which, without special diagnostic studies, these states are easily confused, and taking one disease for another. A distinctive feature of renal disease is the so-called symptom Pasternatskogo – increased pain when effleurage (not strong!) in the projection of the rim. However, without a laboratory analysis of the urine, the validity of this feature leaves much to be desired.

Angina pectoris and myocardial infarction is more often accompanied by pain behind the breastbone. But when you defeat the rear departments of the heart muscle character starting point of the pain-syndrome-changing – the back pain under left him with a shovel, gives in his left hand, in the lower part of the back, the lower jaw. The pain is accompanied by fear of death and can be so strong, that for their removal can have drugs (of course, within the hospital).

If you have an inflammation of the lung (pneumonia) can be pleura in its lower departments. Inflamed pleuraflax surface rubbing each other during breathing, which is what gives you low back pain on one side or the other side. The pain intensifies, the temperature increases, if in the pleural cavity will net.

Various diseases of the organs of the abdominal cavity, and pain of the stomach can give left low back pain. When acute a pathology that requires immediate intervention (inflammation of the peritoneum, intestinal obstruction) severe pain accompanied by tension of the muscles of the abdominal wall. In the case of long slow processes in the liver, the pancreas, the stomach of the patient disturb aching chronic pain. They are not intense, but due to its permanent character, the patient experiences discomfort.

About the pregnancy yet they do not cease disputes – what is this, a disease or normal state? One way or another, but incubation of the fruit will result in changing all the physiological processes of the body and the emergence of a variety of headaches, including and to the left in the lower part of the back. In this case, the pain is caused by a number of factors – increased intra-abdominal pressure, displacement of internal organs and the compression of your pregnant uterus, an increased load on your vertebral column, the mass of the fruit. If the pain intensifies and, when it is celebrated the genital bleeding, then, most likely, have evolved to the risk of the life of the mother and the fetus of complications. Must be emergency ambulance to enter the hospital.

Diagnosis and treatment of pain in the left side of the waist done various experts – a therapist, a neurologist, medical ultra-sound and, if necessary, a gynecologist, a surgeon, a surgeon of the trauma. First, one discovers the age and the nature of the right-handed pain, stinging, nagging, pulling, giving does not in other areas of the body. Based on the particular symptoms already during the inspection may be suspected pathology of the spine or internal organs.

But without laboratory tests don't do. In the establishment removed in the analysis of blood, urine. It has recently become popular laboratory tests of the blood for markers of certain diseases. It is mandatory to record the electrocardiogram (ecg) for the confirmation or exclusion of diseases of the heart. When necessary, carry out more in depth, the diagnosis is x-rays, ultrasonography, computed tomography.

About the treatment left lumbar pain uniforms without recommendations. Currently, to combat this and other pains of pharmacovigilance, the industry has developed an arsenal of relevant analgesic medicines. But painkillers are not always able to solve the problem, because these tools eliminate the pain, but does not eliminate the cause. In addition, before you plug brief health inspection of pain relief is not desirable since it distorts the clinical picture and makes it difficult to diagnosis.

the diagnosis of pain in the back

For the same reason, with care to use the tools of folk medicine. They should be used only in conjunction with the pharmaceutical means. For diseases of the spine with excellent results give physical therapy treatment, exercise therapy, massage, therapy manipulative. But these treatment methods totally unacceptable to tuberculosis, tumors, pregnancy, some diseases of the skin and pathology of the cardiovascular system. During the treatment left lumbar pain, as well as any another, needs a strict individual approach. And implement it in the health care environment.