Sore mouth with the two sides of the back: possible causes and treatment options

If a person has a pain of the mouth on both sides of the back, this fact may indicate the presence of different diseases, pathological processes and failures in the functioning of the body. The location of the starting point of the pain of the syndrome can be judged on the nature and characteristics of the disease. However, to establish a diagnosis it is necessary to pass a medical examination. In the following text, will be presented the most effective methods, and recommendations for the solution of problems.

hurt the sides of the back

Causes of pain on one side

Similar is the symptom that can be caused by several causes, of high muscle load up to serious diseases. If the pain originated from a jerk or sudden movements, and decreased after a short period of time, not remembering yourself in the future, you can, especially do not worry. The pain and express the discomfort, that have periodic character, to speak clearly about degenerative pathological chronic process of the disease.

The main causes, causing pain on one side of the two sides, are:

  • kidney disease;
  • ulcer of the stomach or of the duodenum;
  • pancreatitis;
  • aneurysm of the aorta;
  • the wounds and injuries;
  • the inflammatory process, flowing in the internal organs or in the pelvic region.

By hurting the mouth

The reason for this can serve as subarrefecimento, caused by the continuous feeding of any other factor, as well as the curvature of the posture and scoliosis. The discomfort together with an armbar syndrome is often called sleeping very hard lateral surface. Located on the bottom panel of the department of waist pain often signals a variety of degenerative changes in the spinal space and the joints. Pain caused, by covering the mouth and the lower part of the back, it is called atypical acute appendicitis in shape.

This symptomatology is often accompanies obstruction of the intestine and other diseases of the digestive tract. If the pain is tinea nature, then it may very well be due to degenerative and dystrophic processes in different departments of vertebral column. During the secondary syndrome, preparing for the pain of the two sides of the back caused by a problem violated the local blood supply and slow metabolism.

Important! The pain on one side of the two sides of the back can serve as an indicator of problems of the spine and diseases of the kidneys or other internal organs. Thus, in the case of periodic initial point of the pain syndrome, the concerns over several days, you should contact your doctor.


In many cases, a qualified medical professional can make a diagnosis just based on the analysis of urine and small quantities of additional biochemical research. If there is a suspicion of the presence of back problems is usually assigned to an x-ray. Intermittent pain, located predominantly on the right side, are related to the urinary system and can talk about pathologies gynecological type of women and prostatitis in men.

the causes of pain
  1. Pain that is caused, manifested, simultaneously, on the right side in the lumbar region, indicates pyelonephritis, cholecystitis and other diseases. In such cases it is necessary urgent medical assistance and adequate treatment.
  2. The low back pain, that pays tribute on your left side, most often related to inflammatory processes, flowing in the intestine. If the pain is accompanied by high formation of gas and violations of the chair, then you should visit the gastroenterologist.
  3. Pancreatitis and problems with the cardiovascular system are characterized by armbar syndrome in his left side. Myocardial infarction is accompanied by dagger in severe pain, that give also on hand.

In case, if the pain in the side, accompanied by chills, loss of appetite, vomiting, sweating, fatigue, fever, and apathy, the problem is probably caused infringement to the full functioning of the kidneys. Pain that is caused on the child, located in one of the sides of the side of the back, can be an indicator of poor posture, incorrect selected location to sleep or overweight.

Often occurs the need for a blood test or ultrasound examination. The diagnostic phase is very important, because the one installed is the cause of the disease depends on the rapid recovery of the patient. Dizziness, accompanied by weakness and loss of consciousness, means that it is not of the body, and requires urgent medical care.

What to do when the pain on one side

For a start, you can do a query to your doctor, who after passing necessary reviews redirects to the skillful surgeon, gastroenterologist or gynaecologist, depending on the diagnosis.

The treatment ostrom period implies the reception relaxants, and special medications does not contain steroids. Therapy in a period of slow of the disease is assigned to a qualified physician, after studying the history of the disease of the patient, results of tests and visual inspection.

During remission we recommend that you visit the specialised resorts sanatorium type, the moderates, however, regular physical activity and an active lifestyle. You need to develop a custom solution to exercises, and to do their possible on a daily basis. If the pain in the side associated with the disease in the kidneys or gallbladder, it is necessary to maintain a diet with low salt content and various irritants to the mucosa products. The consumption of alcohol is necessary to eliminate completely.

In many cases, the doctor includes the treatment of most types of therapies such as manual acupuncture, physical therapy treatment, and vitamin supplements. Resort to self-medication is strongly discouraged, since it to help you in establishing the diagnosis requires professional medical knowledge and special equipment.

the treatment of the back

If the pain that is caused is directly related with the inflammatory process, or a deficiency in the functioning of the kidneys, the scope of the problem is expressly forbidden and is with the aid of the heater or special ointments.