Pain in right side and in the back - symptoms, causes, treatment

Pain in the side, have never been messengers of good weather or unexpected good luck. Basically what they say about the fact that the man suffers from any disease, the very fact that, many times, without knowing it. The reasons can be various, but, be that as it may, it is always necessary to resort to a specialist.

Try as fast as possible visit the clinic, especially, in the case, if you feel pain on your right side, giving on the back. Such sensations can talk about what you are having problems with the kidneys. You may crush of the optic nerve, problems with the lungs, the liver, gall bladder, pancreas. All of these diseases can cause very bad results, is not discarded even lethal.

pain in the flank giving on the back

If you have a pain on the right side, giving on the back, accompanied by bitterness in the mouth, fever, weakness, vertigo - visit your doctor immediately. You also need to know that immediately transport patient to occupational require and symptoms, such as acute pain in the right side, which came very suddenly and does not stop for half an hour, or the impurity of blood in the urine. About the fact that you have lung problems, he will also say lack of air, dizziness, stomach pain, high fever, vomiting. Pain on the right side, giving on the back, in comparison with such symptoms may not seem as scary. At least, in comparison with other feelings.

In addition, women feel, and for other reasons, the pain on your right side. Gives on the back, frequent urination, acute pain - these symptoms may be signs of an ectopic pregnancy. In this case, in addition to urgent diagnostics, the need for thorough examination and inspection of the doctor. Perhaps, on your right hand side you pregnant pain due to a hepatitis, pyelonephritis, appendicitis, and much more. All of this is very harmful, it will affect the development of the fetus.

Experienced adult women know that during such headaches, you can resort to folk medicine. What do you do if you discovered disease of the pancreas or the gallbladder? Dispose of greasy, salty fried, foods pungent of your diet. At rest, the body will be getting the potatoes cooked, white meat. In this nutrition pain will soon pass.

If the problem is in the spleen, so come for the broth rosehip. In addition to the treatment, the juice is able to spend a good prevention. It also restores the work of the spleen, the fresh juice of grated carrot, beetroot, radish.

It can be a problem in the liver. In this case, you can take in the five principles of teaspoon of honey with cinnamon before eating and after. A mixture of olive oil, honey, apple cider vinegar, the juice of lemon also to clean your liver.

Despite a series of medications in pharmacy, medicine, popular, and tips friends, do not forget to treatment of a specialist. After all, the pain in his right side, giving on the back, can be carriers of serious diseases, which, subsequently, are able to cause extremely disastrous results. Be attentive and careful. These steps allow you to live a long life, healthy and happy life.

Pain in right side

All the pain serves as a warning signal about the violation of the body. Then, depending on the nature and intensity of pain are the necessary measures taken. When it hurts on your right side, you must define what you should do in the first place because, sometimes, enough to keep a diet or take spasmolytique drug. But it often happens that the urgent need to call an ambulance. When the pain on your right side a reasonable, short or is related to the ingestion of food or alcohol, the long enough in advance to make an appointment with your doctor. To determine the true cause of pain, without qualified diagnosis very difficult. Therefore, the first thing to do, if the pain on your right side is the examination of all internal organs. Depending on the nature of pain, the duration of the shift, the therapist may refer you to the appropriate specialist. Alone you can only set the approximate area of the unpleasant sensations, and what type of treatment is necessary (urgent intervention or detailed survey).

When the need to call an ambulance when the pain on your right side?

Diseases such as appendicitis, perforation of the stomach, pancreatic necrosis, peritonitis, and a cyst, the discharge of kidney stones in need of urgent treatment, the most commonly in the surgical. The timeliness of help, often depends on the patient's life.

The main signs of illness, requiring immediate assistance:

  • sudden, acute pain in the right side of the belly, not the end during 30-40 minutes.
  • if the pain in the right side of the stomach is accompanied by vomiting with admixture of blood, the dry bitterness in my mouth, the increase of temperature, occurs in different organs or spreading throughout the belly.
  • pain in the lower right part of the mouth is reinforced during the walk, do not weaken and do not run in the period from 11 to 14 hours.
  • sudden, acute pain in the right side, under the ribs.
  • all of a sudden and strong pain in the right side at the bottom, and is accompanied by weakness, loss of consciousness, dizziness.
  • unexpected, acute, pain in the right side of the back.
  • sudden, very strong pain on the left side or the right side of the belly, gives the waist, observed the impurities from the blood in the urine.
  • aching or pulling pain on the right side, which is accompanied by deterioration of the general state of the body, vomiting, increased temperature, difficulty breathing, dizziness, stomach pain.

The causes of pain in the right side

low back pain

Chronic, disease of the internal organs, poor nutrition, viral infections, dysfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract can lead to the appearance of pain on the side of the abdomen. In such cases, the pain related to the acquisitions of food, medicines, physical activities and stress. Depending on the offset and the nature of the pain on your right side, you can determine which the expert, probably, going to need.

Pain in the right side of the back can indicate problems of the kidney, located in the central part.

Pain in back right side, in the upper part, may be a consequence of the crushing of the nerve, or problems with the light.

On the right side, under the ribs , are important organs such as the liver, the gallbladder, the pancreas. They are interconnected among themselves enough so that any violation of a body can cause disease of the other.

Nagging pain on the right side of the upper part of the belly gives the reason for the lifting of the gallbladder and of the pancreas, especially if accompanied by bouts of nausea, disturbances of appetite.

Pain in the hypochondrium may be the consequence of liver injury. Especially common disease is considered as the hepatitis. If your right side, under the ribs hurting for a long time, then, to examine the liver has, in the first place, a malfunction in this organ can cause cirrhosis.

What to do if the pain on your right side?

In any event, it should not take medicines without consulting the doctor. Also do not try to self-medicate-if the results of the diagnosis. Not knowing the exact cause, you will not be able to cope with the disease. On the right hand side are concentrated in vital organs responsible for the state of our body. Any deviation from their activities, can lead to serious diseases, so it is best to combine the help of professionals and of their own observation. If you feel that the treatment has no positive results, the best is to pass an additional examination. For example, diseases of the pancreas can be caused by problems in the gall bladder. In this case, the treatment only the pancreas will not produce any results, pain attacks will continue, while not established the work of the gallbladder. To prevent disease it is necessary to identify the true reason, and only after to choose the method of treatment.

Self-determine, after that more often pain on your right side. If the right side of the belly painful after the ingestion of certain foods (fat, grilled, smoked), try to change your diet. If the pain is aggravated after the ingestion of medicines, tell your doctor. Try to avoid the causative factors of crises of pain, especially during the treatment. Do not postpone diagnosis, the sooner you identify the disease, the easier it will be to cure.

The pain is a warning about the need to give your health a special attention. Alert the development of chronic diseases, serious can occur only if the take the necessary measures when the first symptoms. Just take painkillers, you are not helping your body and lose time. Only by eliminating the causes of failures of functioning of the organs, you will be able to recover health and avoid complications.

Even if you feel pain on your right side with the side of the back at least once, so this is the first warning about the deterioration of health, which should certainly be alerted. Some organs that are located in the right-hand half of the belly or under the ribs on the right, can give radiating pulling pain is in the lumbar region.

Pain in right side of back under ribs

Pain under the ribs on the right

Such symptoms can begin many diseases, because it requires constant vigilance and a serious examination. The urgent need to establish the causes, in order not to lose precious time and speed recovery. List of the most common of the disease, which can generate pain impulses in the right-hand side of the back under the ribs.

Acute cholecystitis

the causes of pain

The character of the pain may give a pathology of the liver, gallbladder and bile ducts. Special attention should be given strong, cramping pain impulses in the corner hypochondrium, which will certainly be felt, and in the back.

If it is present the characteristic of semiology, and yes the state of man deteriorates, is joined by nausea, periodic vomiting, thirst, yellowing of eye sclera, so, if you think about the episode of acute cholecystitis or empyema of the gallbladder.

When it hurts the right side, so, sometimes, help to deter similar attack antispasmodic the tool, but to engage with people that not worth. Painkillers take need necessarily, because the pain that is caused has to the intensive nature.

Acute cholecystitis and empyema of the gallbladder is very formidable to the state, often leading to death, therefore, should not stop with the call of a doctor in the house.

Breaks of the liver, the spleen

The liver injury filled with heavy bleeding. When the blood flows under the dome of the diaphragm, it generates the impulse to painful high-intensity. Begins to arise a symptom of "roly-poly": the man may not be in the reclined position.

Symptomatic the painting is slowly growing, but even with a slight cough or physical exertion occurs the break of the capsule of the liver, which gives sharp bleeding, painful and hemorrhagic, shock.

The acute pancreatitis

When the disease the pain appears suddenly, quickly becomes surrounding, gives in the region of the back under the scapulae. There is no change in the intensity of the pain impulses to the cough, sneeze, a very deep inspiration.

Quickly joins nausea. After numerous vomiting can occur gain the starting-point of the pain syndrome often goes up the blood pressure.


Pain in right side - causes, nature, treatment

The occurrence of pain in various parts of the body is a symptom of some diseases or inflammatory processes in the body. The causes of tingling, or dull pain in the right side of the belly, the back or under the ribs can be very different, but, in any case, the visit of a doctor is needed. This is because the witness to this kind of pain can about the various diseases at the same time, and without specialized studies to make an accurate diagnosis is difficult even for a medic.

It is important to know what not to do when there is pain on the right side for their own account, without consulting the doctor, namely:

  • Taking pain relievers, as well as the lack of symptoms other to define a correct diagnosis;
  • Applying to the location of your pain heat;
  • Ignore the emergence of symptoms.

Pain on the right side, under the ribs

Disease of the liver, the duodenum and the right angle of the intestine, often, are the causes of the appearance of pain in the right side, under the ribs. Biliary dyskinesia and sharp calculous cholecystitis, manifested a colic of the liver, which gives pain in the scapula and clavicle.

Sometimes hyperextension bile paths-of-gall, accumulated as a result of violations of their outputs to the intestine, causing a sudden pain under the ribs on the right side of the body. Gave a feeling of pain in scapula and right shoulder, neck and upper part of the stomach, accompanied by vomiting, and the anxiety of the patient. As only happens the normalization of the output of bile, the signals pass, leaving only the gravity in the area of hypochondrium.


Symptoms such as fever, weakness, chills, and the common intoxication of the body, together with painful sensations under the right to point-blank range, pointing to acute cholecystitis. The emergence of jerk constant pain in the right side below the ribs, accompanied by jaundice, is a testimony to stretching of the capsule of the liver by hepatitis. Tinea versicolor also manifests itself by unpleasant sensations under the ribs in conjunction with the eruptions on the skin in the form of bubbles, common disease and a slight increase in body temperature.