Pain in the kidneys or spin: how to identify and learn

The emergence of pain in the back attests to the different diseases and violations. It is not always possible to determine the nature of the symptom. How do you know that the pain in the kidneys?

the pain in the kidneys or in the back

This question is often asked by many people, such as the syndrome develops in the back, and, knowing the main symptom, the kind of the starting point of the pain of the syndrome and the causes, you can determine if the problem in kidneys or in the back.

To perform the correct treatment, you will have to pass tests and undergo a full examination.

Low back pain and vertebral column

There are several characteristics, which determine the back pain. She is different by nature:

  1. Pulling pain in the back.
  2. Strong syndrome that manifests on the side of the waist.
  3. Distinct feeling during the movement.
  4. Handle the symptom, or the lock, when back pain does not give you the possibility to fully stretch.

If you have back problems, the main symptoms are located in the centre of the waist.

In addition, the sensations may radiate in the hands or feet. A signal is received by one of the following reasons:

  1. During the injury of the discs between the vertebrae, for this reason, it is formed an inguinal hernia.
  2. Poor posture, curvature of the spine.
  3. Sciatica, in which pain above the waist.
  4. The displacement of the disk, and the development of hernia, in this case, it would be a pain in the lumbar region, above and not below.

If the syndrome appears below the lumbar spine, the causes may be herniated, sciatica pain or intense load on your back.

When osteocondrose or scoliosis symptom becomes more intense during the movements and sensations develop the back muscles.

Signs of disease have different kinds of manifestations:

  1. The beginners.
  2. Prognosis.
  3. Chronic.

When many pathological processes pain of the loin, so as to determine the exact causes you can only in the integrated course of diagnostic.

Disease back people, often acquired, less common are the cases of congenital malformations.

Due to the structure of the vertebral column, its buildings and location, many people can damage it.

Among the main reasons for the starting point of the pain syndrome of the back, one can highlight:

  1. Mechanical damage of the back or fracture of the spinal column.
  2. Infectious is infection of the tissues of the position.
  3. Intense and frequent load on his back.
  4. The hernia curvature of the spine.
  5. Inflammatory processes in the joints.
  6. Cancer education.

As a result of poor diet, lack of activity, or obesity may also develop the discomfort in the back.

During the course of therapy are used methods and medicines, which stop pain caused, clean up the inflammation and speed up recovery of damaged tissues.

If diagnosed with the disease back, the patient can be attributed to the ointment, that it is necessary to rub it in the area of pain.

They resolve muscle spasms, have the heating action, as well as to alleviate the inflammatory processes.

To maintain the correct shape of the spine are used orthopedic braces, corsets.

Starting from the causes and diagnosis, physicians can prescribe medications, massage, therapy by exercise. Particularly in cases of carried out the treatment of diseases.

Signs of kidney disease

It is important to still know how to understand that the pain in the kidneys, because the sensations may be similar, with problems in the spinal column.

By itself pain is caused due to the kidney does not appear, it occurs when the defeat par the organ mechanically, virus infection and infections, as well as hypothermia.

The pain in the region of the kidneys and the waist, in the lower part of the back points to the lack of activity, a job, or a sharp lifting of heavy objects.

Determine, to donate kidneys, or the loins, a little hard to independent diagnostic methods.

It is important to determine exactly where you receive an unpleasant sensation. Your own kidneys are a little above that of the lumbar spine, and once the body couple, the pain can be located to the right or left, but is at the top.


Determine the pain of the kidney or other parts can be an outstanding feature:

  1. Swelling – the primary symptom of pathological processes that occur in the kidney. Appears a plus sign in the morning, the patient begins to swell the face, eyes, legs. Also determine the swelling in your limbs, can gum socks, which will stay in the body. Such symptoms speak about pyelonephritis, or glomerulonephritis.
  2. Discomfort in the hips and on the pubic area. Such symptoms can develop, not always, but when renal colic can be sure of diseases pair of the body.
  3. Blood in the urine – similar to the selection indicates that the disease of urine or pyelonephritis, which flows to the chronic phase. The appearance of the blood can indicate the presence of tumors, as well as a strong inflammation.
  4. Failure urination – another characteristic symptom of disturbances in the functioning of the kidneys. The patient not only pain, but the lack or frequent urination.

When pathologies kidney patients begins the degradation general of the state. Patients quickly get tired, it will always be a weakness in the body, the strong selection of sweat, headache, appetite suppression.

When kidney pains and diseases, work very deteriorates, therefore, the body will of harmful substances, which cause intoxication.

Pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy the body of women occur many changes. The doctors say that back pain during pregnancy is a normal process, because the foetus during growth has the load on the spine on the back.

Throughout pregnancy a woman can be an unpleasant feeling, when you do this, the kidneys may not work correctly.

It is very important to know how to determine what harm, specifically, almost in the pregnancy, and not another thing.

If you experience a dysfunction of the pair of the body, increases the risk of developing disease.

To determine the existence of a disease process, it is possible to know the characteristics and the location of the kidneys:

  1. During urination, you receive pain syndrome.
  2. After emptying, the feeling that the bladder is still full.
  3. Develops swelling of the limbs and of the face.
  4. Occurs a pressure variation in the direction of the growth.
  5. During the palpation feels the pain in the kidneys.

If the pain in the region of the kidneys and waist, not letting them pass, so they are gaining intensity. During pregnancy, women may feel different types of the syndrome:

  1. Aching.
  2. Constant.
  3. Growing.

Disease couple body complemented by bouts of nausea and vomiting, the mother-to-be cringe, you can be the increase of the temperature.

In the house to take measures that are strictly prohibited, as the high risk of providing harm to the baby.

When the first unpleasant signs, you should contact the medical team.

The pain during the diseases

The sensation of pain in the kidneys or on the back, often develop during the pathologic process, occurs when there is inflammation and other failures in the functioning of the organs.

There are several characteristics of symptoms that are characteristic of kidney disease:

  1. Pyelonephritis – the disease is characterized by an inflammatory process that occurs in the kidneys. Usually, the pain that is caused occurs in a bud, respectively, the pain goes to the right or to the left. The nature of the feeling of aching and pulling. In consequence of the inflammation, receive the swelling and growth of the affected organs.
  2. Glomerulonephritis – the defeat of the renal tubules in kidney, leading to the pathology of the infection of the organs. The pain is weak, and the urine that is visible, the blood, the failure of the hydro-saline balance.
  3. Kidney failure – are characteristic dull and aching sensations.
  4. A tumor at the beginning of the development, there are no characteristics. After a certain period swelling occurs in the area of the body affected. Chips of the work of the kidneys, therefore, in the urine, receive the blood, the patient increases and is not interrupted by the temperature.
  5. Nephroptosis – if kidney disease fall below a normal state. The pain appear from time to time, lead by pulling the nature. In patients occur stagnant processes, which leads to unpleasant feeling. Often affect the right kidney, the more pathology is diagnosed in women.
  6. Urine disease – is characterized colic, which begins due to failure of output of urine. Pain caused strong, spicy. The disease is easily diagnosed, as the symptoms of difficult to confuse with other diseases.

Knowing, as is evidenced by the discomfort when the different states, any person will be able to suspect the evolution of the disease or other problems, which will allow in a timely manner to appeal to the doctors and get the treatment fast.

Pain alcohol

People that consume alcoholic beverages, they can determine the failure on the part of the kidney after ingestion of beer.

In this case, you can only determine what it hurts is the cause of the discomfort. After drinking alcoholic beverages occurs increase in the load on the kidneys, and it stopped working:

how to know
  1. Any alcoholic drinks, especially beer – have a strong diuretic. Based on the amount of spent beer, the load of the pair of authority increases by 2 to 3 times, on account of which the bandwidth is reduced, the body sent toxic substances.
  2. The filtering is reduced, the amount of liquid that passes through the kidneys decreases. The toxins start to expel the protein, leading to proteinuria. If you drink beer pathology may acquire chronic nature, therefore, the healthy cells die gradually. The solubility of proteins does not allow the normal to regenerate and up-to-date fabrics, therefore, the aging process begins much earlier.
  3. The primary treatment of alcohol is carried through the liver, and the urine, which remains in the kidney, it is included a lot of ethyl alcohol, which needs to output. Because of this, toxic substances negatively affect the couple of a body, causing an acute pain, and failure of the organ.

If the abuse of alcohol, after a while, there occurs the destruction of the blood vessels. In the heart of the executing state, the problem is not treatable and analgesics and other medications do not allow to eliminate the pain that is caused.

Such drugs only hinder the state because it increases the workload of the liver. Hiding pain is only possible when the hospitalization and treatment in a hospital.

In this state, the person must pass a course of drug therapy, to comply with a strict diet.

Even with the use of a beer bath, that is to properly prepare, it is a lot of harmful substances, which are able to activate the renal function and liver, causing a strong charge.

After drinking alcoholic beverages in small quantities in the kidneys can normalize the work of several days, provided that the use of a correct diet and some medicines.

Permanent drink leads to chronic diseases, but each day the possibility of recovery is reduced.


The doctors experienced and know the main signs that indicate kidney failure. To determine the causes and diagnosis, which compares the pain in the back and lumbar spine with the kidney, doctors use such methods:

  1. Is made easy to touch in the back in the region of the kidneys, with the help of hands. If there are irregularities in organs, patients feel a little dull pain inside.
  2. Uses the x-ray of the waist, to exclude or confirm the changes in the spinal column.
  3. Necessarily need to give blood and urine for tests.
  4. Doctors use ultrasonography of the kidneys and of the stomach, to determine the sizes of the pair the body and the presence of stones inside.

It's worth remembering that, when the inflammatory process is prohibited from using the heat at the site of pain.

Animals methods is not recommended if you are not sure of the diagnosis. It is best to consult a doctor that will indicate all of the methods for the treatment and placing the main symptoms.

What to do when the pain

Independent of the treatment of diseases possible, but there are some rules that you can use at home:

  1. To observe the regime of drinking, try to drink more water and other drinks (morsy, herbal teas, and others).
  2. Adhere to a proper diet, try to reduce the consumption of meat products and chocolate, as well as reduce the drink coffee and tea.
  3. Eliminate the alcohol.
  4. During the year, must, necessarily, to eat watermelons which can wash the kidneys and other organs of all harmful substances.
  5. Reduce the load in the case of a strong spinal pain, try not to spend steep slopes, and other movements.
  6. If the pain is very strong, you can use painkillers that attaches to your doctor.

The kidney disease point the analyses and the results of other studies. If the norm of the above indicators, in the body, there is a pathological process.

The complex of medicines, doctor often prescribe treatment folk methods, which include herbal formulas.

Methods of treatment

When the doctor establishes a diagnosis, which is assigned to a correct and effective treatment. It may be different depending on the reasons for which have evolved from pain.

When the nephrolithiasis the treatment is performed rarely, but the actual therapy is long and unpleasant, because the output of sand and stones, causing a lot of inconvenience and discomfort.

The pain due to calculi in the kidneys, often correlate with dental pain, but after the ear of the wasting syndrome fully passes.

If the pain develops from time to time, the need to discuss pain killers that they can use at home.

Usually to prescribe antispasmodic tablets. During the therapy, or may even be an infestation of infections, viruses, in this case, you must drink advanced antibiotics. If you do not use the medication, you may need a surgical intervention with removal of a kidney.

diagnosis and treatment

Know how to identify the back pain, its nature and character, one can understand that the symptom develops due to a pathological process or normal overhead.