Back pain: 7 anxiety symptoms

The most unpleasant sensations – easy and fast to pain in the lumbar region, that do not have pathological underpinnings, and so-called normal overvoltage muscle. We are interested in cases in which the cause lies in disease of the spinal column.

back pain

7 symptoms of anxiety

1. The pain for a long time does not pass

Usually, the back pain will disappear after a short period of holiday or the receipt of an analgesic. If during a month there is no improvement, the pain preventing normal daily activity, it is worth going to the doctor.

2. The pain extends an arm or a leg

In addition to the area, back to back, the pain passes in any member it is a sign of irritation to the root of the spinal cord or even the availability of the intervertebral hernia.

"This symptom can and not talk about the severe defeat of the intervertebral disk, but still worth consulting with a neurologist: there are many forms of non-surgical treatment. Can help the massage, physical therapy, manipulative and gymnastics to strengthen the muscle corset, stretching, officinalis lock or the imposition of elastic special adhesive. The tactic adjusted individually. You can count on a positive result, when timely request qualified medical assistance".

3. The appearance of numbness, tingling or weakness in the arm or leg

"There is a lot of time not spend a violation of sensitivity in the limbs (a feeling of numbness, tingling, needles) talk about persistent damage of the nerve fiber. The reduction of muscle tone in the lower limbs, or the occurrence of claudication also formidable symptom that points to the violation of the motor", says the expert.

4. Pain during the night

The amplification of pain during the night or in a moment of relaxation – a signal. If you are also celebrating the morning, stiffness, this may be a sign of inflammatory systemic disease – ankylosing spondylitis. In this situation, it is necessary to query the neurologist or rheumatologist, and the selection of a specific therapy.

5. The appearance of constant pain in advanced age (be careful with your parents!)

In women older than 50 years increases the risk of developing osteoporosis (increased fragility of bones). Even small injuries can lead to multiple fractures, two thirds of which are located in the spine (most commonly in the thoracic and lumbar departments).

"Just the advice of a doctor and x-ray examination can help identify the fracture of the vertebrae, and give the appropriate treatment. We must remember that, in this case, the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), most commonly performed for patients with back pain, not informational, as well as does not allow enough to assess the state of the remains of structures".

6. The pain is accompanied by increase of temperature or decrease of weight

"Dangerous symptoms of weight reduction without any type of diet or the increase of the temperature in the middle of the back pain. There can be a current infection, tumor process, or the marrow of the vertebral column. This requires the attention of a doctor, the procrastination in such cases, it is inadmissible".

7. Back pain and the inability to control the bowel or bladder function

"The more a certain sign of injury of the spinal cord is urinary incontinence or violation of sensitivity in the region of the groin. These symptoms can be ignored: they point to a syndrome of compression of the tail – cone of the departments of the spinal cord and the nerve root", – says the expert.

If these symptoms are experiencing severe, it is necessary to call an ambulance: the best outcome for the surgical treatment is accomplished in the first 48 hours.

the symptoms

Tumor injury or infection prevalence occupy the last places in the list "For that pain in the back", but this is the case, when usual to ignore the signals of our body – is invalid tactic.