Why after giving birth, the pain in the back

You mothers often back pain after childbirth. In addition, the discomfort can last a very long time. It is noticeable blights the joy of communicating with the child.

the back pain after childbirth

The back pain after delivery are small, but can cause serious inconveniences. The body of a woman greatly weakened, so, the pain in the back is still more impaired. You should always consult with a professional, as the causes may be different.

The treatment of the back, which hurts after the birth, depends on the diagnosis. Therefore, it is not only to deal with the problem. But the measures of prevention doesn't hurt.

The causes of discomfort

After the delivery of the bonds will be to know why you began to ache from the spin. The fact is that during pregnancy the female body is to be reconstructed for the child, it was more comfortable. For the last quarter of the cartilage connections are very soft, which facilitates the emergence of the crumbs of light. As a result of pain in the sacral department of spine suffering, so, back pain after the birth.

Due to hormonal imbalance stretched the cartilage connection, and ligaments are restored very slowly, and handed the woman discomfort. There are several reasons why post-birth on the back and the shoulder blades will feel the pain.

  • A strong tension of the muscles of the back. During child birth the muscles relax, so that the fruit can get out. As a result, there is a hypertonus muscles of the blades. This also becomes the cause of headaches.
  • Osteocondrose, scoliosis, and other problems also cause discomfort. The situation is aggravated when the woman before the pregnancy it was poor posture. During pregnancy, the child swayback posture even more strong, the muscles and ligaments fit, but a return to the normal state, is quite painful.
  • After the birth you can rotate strongly hurt due to intercostal neuralgia, which occurs due to a stress or hypothermia, and time to torment the woman.
  • Disease of the internal organs.
  • Intervertebral disc an inguinal hernia.

After childbirth can be very painful all the spin, but and the loin in particular.

This phenomenon has also several explanations:

  • inflammation in the lower departments of the spinal column;
  • injury: the boy crosses the paths, which can cause a tightening of vessels, units of crushing, displacement of the vertebrae;
  • the problems existing before the pregnancy, they become more clear, this can result in pain;
  • hormonal changes;
  • stretching the pelvic muscles;
  • the deformation of the lumbar muscles: due to the rapid growth of the belly ligamentous tissue in lumbar spine are tight and very tense, thus the woman feels the pain in the back after the birth.
the back pain after giving birth what to do

The prevention of the occurrence of pathology

Generally, women, who after childbirth, and encounters with back pain do not know what to do with the problem. But best of all, alert the pathology, than to treat it. There are several effective methods of prevention. However, it is best to consult a doctor, that tells you in detail what to do, so after the birth, you do not begin to twist the loin of the entire round.

  • For at least 6 months from the date of the advent of the child in the light eliminate heavy physical activities, do not use the severity. The muscles of the back and belly must have time to recover, otherwise there is a risk of damaging them.
  • Keep track of weight throughout the pregnancy. Even a few extra pounds can cause a strong discomfort.
  • Take time for gym classes as well as curative. If you are still going to start the lesson, not worth to play them. It is important to the regularity, not the intensity. Try all the morning, doing gymnastics.
  • And be ye lift up, with the beds arranged, but not dramatically. Turn aside, bend your knees and crouch on the threshold.
  • For after the birth, do not begin to twist, to rotate, to feed the child properly. Sit in a comfortable chair, place the feet ottoman, fold the head back. Try to teach the child to feed your side. Thus, the muscles will be relaxed.
  • Carefully choose the couple. The best is to buy a mattress hard, which is useful for the vertebral column. Use under the knees of a small roll.
  • For after the birth not began to ache from rotation in the lumbar region, and the shovels, and treat it with care. Try once again not to lean, adjust the height changing table, en-suite to the swimming and to the cot, so that was convenient. If you must lift something off the ground, squat or lift his knees. During the cleaning of an apartment, does not tilt when working with a vacuum cleaner or a mop.

Of course, you can read the opinions about what to do, if after giving birth the back of a woman very sore. But detailed recommendations should give the doctor. Perhaps, a visit to a specialist will avoid serious problems, so don't waste time.

How to deal with the problem

So what do you do, if after childbirth has early strongly find it back. The help you need this was a therapist. See the osteopath or the item, if the discomfort is due to discharge the coccyx and the other bones. The expert can guide you in an mri to reveal the presence or absence of intervertebral hernia. In some cases you will have to undergo ultra-sonography of the internal organs, x-ray and other studies, to find out why after the birth, you have a pain of the back panel of both blades or low back.

Widely used therapeutic exercise, multiple sessions of physical therapy manipulation. During lactation the drug treatment applies extremely rare.

Sometimes, they are attributed properties anti-inflammatory ointments. They are used topically and a small course. After the birth will not hurt to do back exercises.

  1. Lean your hands on the backrest of a chair, place the feet with the knees straight on the width of the shoulders. A hand, put one in the belly and another in the lower part of the back. Try to stretch the muscles of waist, as if he was mentally forcing them to straighten.
  2. Get you up to the wall, back to back. Playing should the buttocks, the shoulders and the nape of the neck. In this position, you need to rest for a few minutes.
  3. Shrink the shoulders, lower your hand and touch the chin to the chest. First you need to exhale and then breathe in, raise your head, open your shoulders and release the arms to the back. The exercise is repeated several times.

After the birth, in addition to the regular and load to the back will not harm the massage. This is the most pleasant treatment, but to develop what can only be through a minimum of 2 weeks after the birth of the child. Well help massage and self-massage

the back pain after delivery massage

The massage is useful the following properties:

  • accelerates the recovery of the body, vastavit during pregnancy, the child and his birth.
  • the improvement of the vascularity of the joints;
  • the recovery of muscle tone;
  • the strengthening ligamentous apparatus.

If after giving birth you tore off the back, the massage is especially useful. The procedure will reduce the strong discomfort. It is important to take a responsible approach to the choice of a specialist massage. Pro white pimples on face of a newborn.