What to do if the pain in the back of the child

Back pain experiences at least once in every person's life. The doctors believe that this is the inevitable result of bipedalism. Modern people reinforce that physical inactivity, poor diet, stress. Back pain in children and adolescents is also not uncommon.

back pain in children

Fortunately, when appropriate treatment of many processes in childhood are reversible. Therefore, parents should always be attentive to the child, and do not ignore your complaint to the deterioration of well-being.

The pain in the back that the child causes

The causes of back pain in children are diverse. This can be congenital dystrophic changes in the spine, disease of the internal organs, the consequences of infection and even physical surge.

The physical overload

The skeleton of a child is not yet formed tissue cartilaginous skeleton vertebrae weaker than that of an adult. Also they are not developed the muscles of the back. The overload can occur due to prolonged use of heavy portfolio, especially if it is chosen wrong. Particular danger represent soft backpacks, which the kids have it on a shoulder. The load is distributed unevenly, some muscles are always in constant tension, other relaxed. Due to a poor physiological condition of the position of the back, pain. If the process only applies in the muscle, then correct the situation easily. You need to pick up the child bag, orthopedic back and wide straps.

Pain in the back due to overloads occur frequently in children involved in sports activities, for example, when the jump. This is especially characteristic for the first time until your body is not accustomed to pressure. The parents, in search of the great sporting achievements of their children completely forget about your state of health, trying to lead it in the comprehensive workout each and every day. The muscles and ligaments do not have time to recover, therefore, that the athlete has chronic pain. To resolve pain that is caused, the need to build a mode of training and recreation for the child, it was the recovery time.

Extended session

Physical inactivity – a scourge of modern society. To the contrary of its nature, that implies greater agility in early childhood, the child spends a lot of time on the computer. Parents are afraid to let go for the street children, who do not find time, led the child in the sports section. The constant static load on your spine becomes the cause of pain in the back. This is in addition to the lack of fresh air, a poor diet. The set of all the factors that triggers the development of scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. This explains the large percentage of young people who have serious problems with the column.

Wrong organized space to sleep

Doctors recommend sleeping on a solid surface. This is especially important for children, as well as your spine easy is submitted to a deformation.


Spine injury, the child may suffer in the fall, when sudden movements, exercises for the back muscles without exercise. The pain does not occur immediately, but after some time, when the vertebral column is formed by a hotbed of inflammation.


Myositis is an inflammatory process in the muscle of the back. It may be primary, that is, appear due to an injury or to be in the air currents, or secondary, the cause of which is infection type, flu, or sore throat. Pain that is caused occurs in a certain area of the back, muscles tense, the pain intensifies by palpation. Can also be swelling and swelling at the site of the injury.

The scoliosis

Scoliosis — curvature of the spine — is the most common pathology in children. The disease appears by several factors: congenital abnormalities, infections, injuries, bad posture. First, the outward signs of the disease are absent, the child complains of stiffness of the muscles of the back, pain when the slopes of the curve of the trunk, after a long seats. 2 the 3 stages of scoliosis, it becomes evident the asymmetry of the blades, pelvis, slouch. If you do not get the time to start the treatment, then the child has disturbed the work of the internal organs, it becomes difficult to move independently.


It is considered that the osteocondrose is a disease of the elderly. However, degenerative changes in the spine, increasingly, diagnosed in early childhood. They can be the consequence of congenital abnormalities structure of the vertebrae, also occur due to poor posture and lack of sufficient physical activity. In fact, the child begins the early aging of the vertebral column. The diagnosis of the disease is difficult to the fact that the symptoms are expressed are not bright. The child can feel discomfort in the back, but not talk about the parents. You should alert the following symptoms: frequent headaches, sleep disorder, fatigue, blurred vision, the malfunction of the internal organs.

the physical overload

Tumors of the vertebral column

Fortunately, tumors of the spine in children is a rare phenomenon. New growth smashes in close vessels and nerves, causing pain. When a benign tumor minor pain that is caused persists for a long time. If the process is cancerous, the pain intensifies, it is difficult to stop analgesics.

Renal colic

The cause of renal colic is pyelonephritis, or kidney stones. It is also the innate variance in the construction of the rim. Normally, the renal colic is accompanied by a twinge of pain, increase of temperature, pain when urinating, frequency impulses in the toilet.May contain traces of blood in the urine, change its color and odor.

Infectious diseases

The back and the belly of the baby may hurt, after suffering from an infectious disease, for example, of the flu. The virus spreads through the body, causing activates the immune response. The result becomes fever, pain in muscle and joints. Typically, the unpleasant sensations pass after you have taken the acute period. If the pain persists long after his recovery, this indicates that the development of complications.

Why the pain in the back, the teen girl?

The loin of adolescent girls pain before the start of the menstrual cycle. In the body occur severe hormonal changes, which prepare the girl for adulthood. Small sensations of pain before the monthly or in the first days of menstruation normal. The uterus contracts, causing the endometrium. The spasm of the smooth muscle and this is the source of the pain.

Perhaps, the girl develops from pelvic inflammation. Intense pain accompanied by endometriosis. This situation needs a full examination. In the initial phase of the disease more easily treatable.


To determine the cause of headaches should see a neurologist or podiatrist. First, the doctor will perform a search, you will discover that preceded the onset of symptoms, which is the character of the headaches, how long are the unpleasant sensations. Then, you pass a visual inspection in search of abrasions, bruising, curvature of the spine.

To refine the diagnosis, prescribe the following methods of research:

  • Common analysis of urine, blood.
  • Ultrasound of the internal organs. Pass the girls to the exclusion of pathologies of the uterus and ovaries.
  • X-ray of the spine. Allows you to detect the consequences of injuries, special changes of the vertebrae dystrophic destroy the disc due to degenerative disc disease.
  • Magnetic resonance, computed tomography of the spine pass, if you are not able to detect the cause starting point of the pain syndrome. With the help of magnetic resonance imaging are diagnosed even minimal disturbance to the tissue changes, the flow of blood.


The choice of methods of treatment depends on the cause of the pain. If it is detected a fracture or displacement of the vertebrae, which often requires a surgical intervention. For the treatment of scoliosis and degenerative disc disease apply curative physical education, massage, manual therapy. Also the teenagers should wear orthopaedic corsets, which in the initial stage of scoliosis bring positive results.

If the pain caused by a long static tension, and the child recommend a high dosage of the physical load, the normalization of the regime of the day. Pain caused by overloads, the need to reduce the intensity of sports training. Also help a relaxing massage.

To beat the starting point of the pain syndrome, may apply to the following medications:

  • Antispasmodics. Relax smooth muscles, relieve the muscle spasm.
  • Anti-inflammatory non-steroid use in extreme cases, when the pain induced is very strong.
  • Ointment anti-inflammatory drugs, the patches. They help when myositis, pain caused by overvoltage. Before application you should make sure that the child does not have allergy to the components of drugs.


If the place of work of a child and the mode of the correct day, then he will never appear back problems. The main preventive measures:

treatment and prevention
  • Good organization of the workplace. The table and the chair, the student must meet the growth, be functional and comfortable. Now you can buy special orthopaedic chairs, which do not allow the child to slouch. From the first days in school need to teach the child to keep the back smooth, then this will become a habit.
  • Comfortable wallet. For younger students, are more suitable backpacks with a rigid back and wide straps. They allow you to evenly distribute the load on the spine, keeping the back exactly, shoulders straightened. The older students also must choose the backpack and use it on two shoulders.
  • Improvement of the bed. The child can not sleep too soft mattress and a large pillow. The mattress should be semi-independent, the pillow is not too high. Thus, during the night, the spine will be anatomically correct position to continue the normal circulation of blood.
  • The dosage of physical exercise. Harmful to the children is the lack of training of motor activity, and excess sports training. For each age there is the patterns of physical activity. He should know trainer, physical education teacher. It is not possible to load the child more than she can support by age.
  • The correct posture. Violation of posture occurs due to muscle weakness corset. The muscles of the baby get tired of getting a lot of time in the same position, so the children are in a constant slouch. To maintain the correct posture you need to perform special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back. Very good result gives swimming, running, gymnastics.